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    I am now using this blog to re-post some comments I make other blogs. For my full management blog see the Curious Cat Management Blog

    Wednesday, March 15, 2006

    Customer Focus

    Winning With Service by John Teresko:

    "From our viewpoint, machines are increasingly more difficult to differentiate for most applications," admits Harry C. Moser, president, Agie Charmilles Corp., Lincolnshire, Ill. "There are many good competitors, and while we think our products are the best, for a lot of applications it is getting increasingly hard to prove, and therefore we have chosen to [also] differentiate via service.

    Service can be a great differentiator, if you can do it well. Since, so often, service is poor in so many areas those that provide good service can set themselves apart. It is usually difficult for competitors to copy exceptional service.

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