Monday, November 19, 2012

Are Deming’s 14 Points Still Valid?

Are Deming’s 14 Points Still Valid?
Researchers and practitioners in quality management continue to honor Deming’s valuable contributions today, and in fact, my recent bibliometric analysis of the Quality Management Journal (to be published in the January 2013 edition) indicates that Out of the Crisis has been the most central and authoritative resource influencing quality management research over the past two decades. ... But are Deming’s 14 Points still valid in the post-2008 economic era, where vibrant growth and globalization can no longer be expected to dominate the global economy?
Yes they are still valid. On points:

  #1 - I think this is definitely still needed and much underdeveloped today.
  #2 - Dr. Deming's "new philosophy" framework presented a new view of his management system; he found 14 points failed to convey the systemic nature. The points are fine, but the new view he presented captured what is still the best management system I know of.
  #4 - I don't think size matters. Personal relationships are easier but also super fragile, that person leaves and your system is broken. Establishing a culture that supports suppliers is harder but much more robust.
  #11 - I do. Good book Free, Perfect and Now by Rodin. This is a big deal to lots of committed Deming folks. I agree those that just use some of Deming's ideas without the system or really thinking of him much don't pay much attention. Lots of software development folks realize this strongly (they lose respect for "suits" that think try to dangle goals and quotas in front of people). Related: the problems with targets or goals, The Trouble with Incentives: They Work by Gipsie Ranney.