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    I am now using this blog to re-post some comments I make other blogs. For my full management blog see the Curious Cat Management Blog

    Friday, April 20, 2012

    Acknowledging Failure and Learning and Improving

    The Importance of the Knowledge Distillery by Kevin Meyer
    Failure is important. Teaching kids to learn from failure even more so. Maybe you're simply not cut out to be a dodge ball athlete. Best if you learn that early. Modern society generally moves in the same direction. Instead of trying to just create equal opportunity, there is a tendency to want to create equal outcomes - to cushion or even eliminate the impact of difference, or even failure.

    Acknowledging failure is important.  We have created situation where success and failure are reduced (in seeking to reduce failure).  But we also just ignore failure when it happens.  Doing that doesn't eliminate failure it just eliminates the incentive to improve.

    I completely agree our desire to avoid failure or even criticism is a big problem.

    Related: Failure: Honda‚Äôs Secret to Success - Creating a Nation of Wimps

    We often lower standards so that we avoid having to face failure.  I have failed plenty of times.  It isn't some horrible result.  Learn and more on.  Don't just pretend you don't fail because failure is seen as something to be stigmatized.  You will have more success by challenging your self, accepting and learning from failure than you will by avoiding challenges and failures at all costs.

    Obviously depending on the consequences of failure you should adjust your strategies.  If the consequences are really bad then use strategies that are very unlikely to fail.

    Shielding people from failure is a sign you don't respect them.  If I respect someone I know they can accept failure and I don't have to treat them like a little kid.

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