Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Great Companies to Work For and Invest In

What Are the Amazing Companies?
If I hear one more reference to Semco as an example of an amazing company, I’m going to scream. Really. And I’ve also heard the names of W.L. Gore, Whole Foods Market, and Southwest Airlines a few times too often. Can we move on with the good examples please?
I don't see why the same companies are so annoying to so many people. But you certainly are in the majority of people that share that attitude. People don't seem to say, jeez can't we get paste the ideas of Einstein, I am so tired of paying attention to what he said. Trader Joe's is pretty cool (private co, but the few shareholders I bet are doing well). Crutchfield is cool too. Cannon does lots of good stuff (maybe not for shareholders?). Netflix is good (a couple years ago maybe people didn't want to hear about them anymore, now that the press has been bashing them maybe it is ok, to acknowledge they are still pretty great). Have you heard of Apple? They do some cool stuff :-P Danaher does some good stuff (lean) - they are large but really quiet about lean, compared to some others. Ritz Carlton is one you used to hear about a lot but not so much anymore, I am pretty sure they are still good. Zappos seems pretty good (and their parent Amazon) - maybe they are too popular too? Google (too popular - too many people saying bad things now)? Another private one I hear good things about is SAS Software. Staying great is hard. I think companies like Toyota, Gore, Southwest Airlines... deserve lot and lots of attention. Related: What Companies are Practicing Deming Ideas - Trust Employees to Make Decisions - Build an Environment Where Intrinsic Motivation Flourishes

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