Thursday, October 20, 2005

2005 Deming Prize

2005 the Deming Prize Winners Announced:

The Deming Application Prize (alphabetical order)

Hosei Brake Industry Co., Limited(Japan) - web site
Krishna Maruti Limited, Seat Division(India)
Rane Engine Valves Limited(India) - web site
Rane TRW Steering Systems Limited, Steering Gear Division(India) - web site

Once again India has dominated the prize. From our 2004 Deming Prize post: "In recent years, Thailand and India have been the home to nearly all awardees: 6 of 7 in 2003, 2 of 2 in 2002 and 3 of 4 in 2001. Prior to this new trend, nearly all awardees were based in Japan,"

Also announced:

The Deming Prize for Individuals
Mr. Hajime Sasaki, Chairman of the Board, NEC Corporation (Japan) - bio

The Japan Quality Medal
Thai Acrylic Fibre Co., Limited (Thailand) - web site (2001 Deming Prize)

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