Monday, January 30, 2006

Deming Seminar and Conference

Audio CDs of the 2005 W. Edwards Deming Deming Institute Conference presentations ($100).

I attended the conference and posted: "Mike Beck gave an excellent presentation at the Deming Institute conference about the United Technology Corporation management improvement system. I plan on posting more about the session." I have not posted an update :-0 but now you can hear it yourself. I also thought the "Back to the Future" presentation by Larry Smith was excellent. You can also read this article, on the same topic (manufacturing at Ford in the 1970s to today) by him.

The Deming Institute is also presenting a seminar, How to Create Unethical, Ineffective Organizations That Go Out of Business, 24-26 April, 2006 in Boston. I will be co-presenting the seminar. Let me know if you sign up.

The Deming Institute also offers Dr. Deming presenting his Four Day Seminar in 1992 (Eight Video Tape set for $275 - Tape or DVD).

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