Tuesday, July 27, 2010

IT should focus improving the system

IT should focus on doing its part to improve the system (in systems thinking terms) of the organization. In the short run a big part of that is likely in improving process type activity, supporting others in doing their jobs. There also should likely be a role for building the capacity of the organization. Information technology is critical to long term success. Most organizations today do not have the knowledge they should have in management ranks, and elsewhere. IT should be working on that in various ways. One way is by helping people find and use good technology solutions today (this not only can improve results today but builds the capacity of the organization to further exploit technology going forward).
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IT should help build sales by providing good tools to those in the organization and by providing good tools to customers and potential customers. Make it easy to buy. Make it easy to find what you might want to buy. Make it easy for those in the organization to learn what customers might want (mine what they are searching for, where they seem to abandon the web site...).

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